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Peace of mind around you with one push.

Visible light responsive type that you can't let go of once you use it

Photocatalytic coating spray

"Hypotassium  air  Eye protector "

* Do not use on the human body such as face and hands.

"Hikarium Air Eye Protector"

Thank you for your purchase.

Information that cannot be conveyed on the label paper,

We will guide you here.

Air iProtector
Air iProtector
​What is a photocatalyst?

By shining sunlight or room light on titanium oxide, which is a photocatalyst,Electrons (e-) and holes (h +) contained in titanium oxide are generated, oxygen and water in the air react with each other, and the surface of titanium oxide is called "superoxide ion" or "hydroxy radical". , Two kinds of active oxygen with decomposing power are generated.


​The power of light lasts a long time.

By shining light on the object or place where this product "Hikarium Air iProtector" is sprayed, bacteria, viruses, bad odors, etc. are decomposed and removed. The combination of silver ions has an antibacterial effect even at night or in places where light does not reach.Expected.

ON only when using.

With trigger lock.

In a family with infants, I'm worried that my child won't touch it, no matter how safe it is .

The spray of this product has a trigger lock, so you can rest assured if you turn off the switch when not in use.

* Press the light blue circle on the left of the photo to the left (the left side is convex) to turn it on.

  Push it to the right (the right side is convex) to turn it off.The photo is off.

Where you care

A quick blow.

Bacteria and viruses are lurking in things and places that many people touch.Wipe the object by spraying it with a spray or moistening it with a towel.


Protect yourself,

Protect your family.

Used for antibacterial and deodorant in various things and places, including water around kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, bedding, cushions, cloth products such as curtains, children's toys, sports equipment, pet-related items, etc. please.

* Before spraying, clean the surface of the object before use.

*  Do not use on the human body such as face and hands.


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Inquiries about Hikarium (photocatalyst)

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